What's brewing at DIY Paradise...



Yeah folks, proud to say I'm done with moving house! The past few years have seen me move from one "shanty hut" to another. : ) All because the Tube Mafia has put a price for my big fat stupid head! So is it any suprising I'm venturing more into solid state these days?!



After a few moving sales, I learned to appreciate the value of simplicity, the value of minimalism. Now, not just "less in more" in circuitry terms, but also, "smaller is bigger". See above. CDPRO2 SPDIF output feeding "3-some" ( Monica2 and Charlize in gorgeous teak wood) driving a pair of Coral Flat 6s.


The magnificent hardwood enclosure is a Spiral Horn done by VMPS Audio! It's just partly finished but typical of a True Blue DIYER... let's listen to it first! And what can I say? I have never heard Flat 6 do such good bass! To learn more, read Masaaki Takenaka's excellent "3D Spiral Horn Speaker Building"

I like speakers that you can tune to suit your room and this Spiral Horn is just like that. By adjusting the height, you are adjusting the bass quality. That's why we have bricks as speaker base to get the required height. The bricks have to be wrapped in environmentally unfriendly plastic bags, otherwise my wife won't even let it pass the front door. Man! She doesn't understand a man must have his brick!


On the left, close up of "3some". On the right, another Charlize dressed to impress. Again, beautiful teakwood chassis.


Here's 2 ways you can sit Charlize. Either way, she looks great!


Hopefully in the next few weeks, we could offer Monica and Charlize in such gorgeous teak wood chassis. Tell you wife these are audio jewellery boxes, housing audio jewellery. : )